тренинги и выступления

Примерный список тем, на которые я веду тренинги. Это все про детей – совсем малюток, младших школьников или подростков.
  • Storytelling with Young Learners: best stories, favorite activities
  • Developing Reading Skills with YLs and Teenagers
  • Teaching YLs to read and write in English
  • Teaching Grammar the YL way
  • Storytelling with Young Learners
  • CLIL with YL
  • Teaching Culture
  • Music and Song in YL classroom
  • Using TPR to enhance language learning
  • Developing your own materials for YLs
  • Teaching English to SEN students
  • Drama techniques with YLs
  • Classroom management with YL
  • Tools for Assessment with YLs
  • Classroom management with Young Learners
  • 20 favorite activities for YL classroom
  • Preparing young students for Cambridge YL Exams
  • Autonomous learning for teenagers
  • Reading with Teens – schemes, logs, all things extensive
  • Supporting «weaker» learners in multilevel groups
  • Teaching VYL learners / mini course (6 sessions x 1.5 hours)
  • Teaching reading and writing to young learners – from early literacy to extensive reading / mini course (5 sessions 1.5 hours)
  • Storytelling with Young Learners: using stories as a springboard for your teaching – 1 day course